PB&J (Personal blog & journal)
PB&J (Personal blog & journal)
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It’s Only a Paper Moonc. 1900s-1950s

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Is this a fucking for real thing ???? 10/10 need… Send me a god dam link I need me a butt slapping nightlight.

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I am a feminist because
I don’t think this video could be much more relevant.

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Seriously can’t stop watching OITNB

This shit is like heroin, I swear

Why the fuck am i still awake?

Ohh shit…Do i sense an afternoon full of creating art?

Kiddo has magically gone to bed before ten, So i say YES.

When you see someone is in a new relationship and all they talk about every two seconds is how much they love that person and you’re there like “Oh my fucking god. Is that what i looked like when i met my husband?”

Just shut up.





Happiest puppies in the world

Never knew I needed this post…
But I do.

protect bouncy dogs at all costs

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